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Coloring Book

HOW TO PLAY: Click on the picture you would like to color to load a larger, printable version. When the image has finished loading, click the 'print' button on your browser's toolbar to print the picture. Have fun coloring!

[Cat] [Cow] [Eel] [Horse] [Okapi]

Print perfectionist? High-resolution (300 dpi) versions of the coloring book images are also available:
- Cat
- Cow
- Eel
- Horse
- Okapi

What on Earth is an Okapi?

The okapi is an animal that lives near the Congo river basin in Zaire, Africa. Although it is related to the giraffe, the black and white stripes on its legs and backside remind many people of zebras. The rest of the okapi's coat is dark reddish-brown. The okapi eats leaves stripped from branches with its sticky tongue, which is so long it can lick its own eyelids.